"Ephphatha! Open Up!" A Call to Worship for Mark 7:24-37 (Proper 18; Year B)

Ephphatha! Open Up!

May our eyes open to the hurts of our neighbors and the needs of those pushed to the margins in our communities.

Open up! Jesus’ perspective was opened by his experience with the Syrophoenecian woman.

May our minds open to the perspectives of those who are not like us, that our actions may lead them to the open doors of radical hospitality that we are called to share as Christians.

Open up! The deaf man's ears were opened by Jesus’ healing touch.

May our ears open that we listen with charity to our neighbors, especially those neighbors whose viewpoints are different than ours.

Open up! The voiceless man’s ability to speak was opened up by Jesus’s healing touch.

May our mouths open to speak out against injustice in the world that harms and oppresses our neighbors. May our mouths cry out with joy the good news of Jesus Christ to the world.

Open up! The hearts of all who witnessed Jesus’ miracles were opened to wonder at the power of God’s love.

May our hearts be open that love would enter in and guide all that we do with our bodies. May our lives, opened to love, open the world around us to the unbelievable reality of God’s kingdom on earth. 

Open us, O God! Amen.


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