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The "Open Carry" of Moderate White Supremacy

I was recently in Pioneer Park in Downtown Dallas.

"Dallas Pioneer Park Cemetery is the final resting place of six Dallas Mayors, three War of 1812 Veterans, nine heroes of the Texas Revolution, twenty-nine (one Union & twenty-eight Confederate) Civil War Veterans, fourteen Peters Colonists, five members of the La Reunion French Colony, four Colonels of the Confederacy, two County Judges, two District Judges, two notable historical women, one State Senator, one Lieutenant Governor & numerous other city & county officials of the earliest governments of Dallas County, including early doctors, lawyers, clergymen, merchants, fallen law enforcement officers & firemen, engineers, business leaders, mothers & children. The epitaphs & artwork of the monuments honoring loved ones long gone meant something to those left behind. The markers that have withstood the years, elements & vandals remain as a tangible link to Dallas' past.” (http://freepages.history.r…

Call to Worship: Traveling (Luke 10:1-11, 16-20)

My congregation will soon embark on a new worship series inspired by the work of the inimitable Dr. Marcia McFee, who provides excellent resources on worship at The worship series is called "The Outsider," and explores the many types of people on the margins that Jesus encounters (or inspires people to become) in the Gospel of Luke. I look forward to sharing further creative ideas I come across as we dream this worship series into life. On our first Sunday, we will journey with "the traveler" as we explore Jesus' sending of the Disciples in groups of two and our churches' responsibility to be havens to all kinds of travelers.. What follows is our call to worship.

Peace to this house!
May we bring peace with us wherever we go.

When the journey has been long,
may we bring peace with us wherever we go.

When our burdens weigh us down,
may we bring peace with us wherever we go.

When the long paths we have taken leave scars,
may we bring …