A Prayer for Public Education

Lord, we pray for public education in our country,
and we lift up those who serve and are served by public education.

We pray for the continuing education of our society,
and we lift up teachers, teachers’ assistants, those learning to teach, and those who support teachers as substitutes—all who make learning possible for students.

We pray for the continuity of public education in our country,
and we lift up those who maintain excellence in education in places we often do not notice: the landscapers, construction workers, janitors, handymen and administrative assistants who all have vital roles in the continuity of public education.

We pray for the strong leadership and innovation of public education in our country,
and we lift up administrators, principals, superintendents, board members, trustees, civic leaders, and national government figures who all make decisions that pave the way for excellence in learning in our country.

We pray for people who do not have vital access to public education,
and we lift up the marginalized, the undocumented immigrant trapped in deportation proceedings, the individual caught up in an unjust truancy system, those who are in other countries that do not have an education system, and for women across the world who are denied access to education. 

Bless the educators; bless the workers; bless the students; and bless the leaders of education. We lift them up in prayer to you, God of wisdom and grace. Amen.


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