Holy Thursday

A Confession for Holy Thursday

God who teaches us that Divine Love is humble and who models Lordship through servanthood,

We confess our pride and our inability to see the importance of others’ needs before our own.

God who goes to the fullest extent to meet us and brings us into reconciliation,

We confess our willful ignorance, our apathy, and our stubbornness in
refusing your grace.

God who empties Godself in love for us, submitting to our hatred and punishment in order to save us from the sin that ensnares us,

We confess that we still manage to rebel against your love, and harm others.

God who meets us at the table as we are,

We confess that we repeatedly fail to welcome others to the table with us.
Loving God, we humbly ask that you cleanse us of our sins. Assist us in our unbelief. Push us out of our stubbornness.

Lord, have mercy on us. Christ, have mercy on us. Lord, have mercy on us.


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